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Our Team 



David Christie, Director




David Christie - Director

As well as providing business direction, David is an avid software developer himself who likes nothing better than to find out what makes an organisation tick and how good software can help them. Learnt to program computers using punchcards while doing a psychology degree, way back when...


Jo Wyatt - Developer

Jo is a very experienced developer who always puts the customer first. With a strong multi-sport background Jo swims longer distances in the open sea than most of us care to walk on dry land.


Sarah Morrell - Developer

Sarah is another very experienced developer, with an incredible eye for detail. We all send our software to Sarah when we want that final checkup. A keen long distance runner, Sarah easily put the boss in his place at the last Buller half marathon.


Claire Cropp - Customer Support, Marketing

Claire keeps us all grounded in the reality of small business. She knows our software well, and she understands the business environment well, making her a great customer support person. Claire is the one person amongst us who walks further than Jo swims. 


Our Philisophy

We've always believed the Macintosh was a great business computer, ever since it was first invented, and for the same reasons that make it a great graphics computer - because it's easy to use and more fun.

Creating good business software that's enjoyable and lives up to the Macintosh experience is our mission.

We do Windows as well. All our software runs just as nicely on a PC as it does on a Mac.

All our developers are chosen for their business experience as well as their software skills and enthusiasm for technology. They know that ease-of-use and functionality is not enough. Business software needs to be accurate, reliable, and robust. 

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, we've been doing this for more years than we care to admit.

So try our software, and enjoy using your computer for a change.