Accounting software and support


You need your accounting software to fit in with your business processes, not the other way around.  We supply and support MoneyWorks Accounting Software by Cognito, which does just that.

Feature rich and extremely customisable, MoneyWorks is designed for maximum flexibility and interoperability, and allows you to structure your accounts to match the needs of your business. 

The total cost of ownership of MoneyWorks is kept to a minimum by having no company limits - there is no charge for additional company files.  Purchase the software outright, or pay a monthly subscription.

There are a range of MoneyWorks options, ranging from single-user Cashbook which is suitable for cash based organisations, through to multi-user versions which include cost-centres, multi-currency, inventory, orders, quotes, and job costing, or a fully featured cloud based option known as MoneyWorks Now.

Our experienced support team can help you set up MoneyWorks, customise it, and provide ongoing support.