MoneyWorks Frequently Asked Questions

How can I try MoneyWorks?

Download a free trial from  The trial lasts for 45 days or 99 saves, whichever comes first.

How much does MoneyWorks Cost?

Perpetual Licence Fees (one-off):

MoneyWorks Cashbook:                                                        FREE SUBSCRIPTION

MoneyWorks Express:                                                            $450 + GST 
     (Cashbook plus debtors, creditors, and invoicing)  

MoneyWorks Gold:                                                                  $895 + GST     
     (Express plus orders, quotes, job costing, cost centres, multi-currency, and inventory)

MoneyWorks Datacentre:                                                       from $2,995 + GST for 3 concurrent users,
     (As for Gold, but multi-user)                                                 plus $450 + GST per year software maintenance fee

MoneyWorks Now:                                                                  Starting at $75 + GST per month,
     (Hosted in the cloud)                                                            $25 per month for each additional concurrent user


Is there a monthly subscription option for MoneyWorks?

Instead of purchasing the software outright, you can pay a monthly fee:

MoneyWorks Cashbook:                                FREE SUBSCRIPTION

MoneyWorks Express:                                    from $25 per month + GST 

MoneyWorks Gold:                                          from $39 per month + GST 

MoneyWorks Datacentre:                               from $55 per month + GST

MoneyWorks Now:                                          Starting at $75 + GST per month, 
                                                                          $25 per month for each additional concurrent user


I want to buy MoneyWorks, what do I do?

Contact us, or purchase directly from the Cognito website 


Is MoneyWorks multi-user?

Yes, there are two options for multi-user access to MoneyWorks.  

Manage your own infrastructure by installing MoneyWorks Datacentre.  MoneyWorks Datacentre runs in the background on a server or workstation and provides high-performance network access for multiple users to one or more MoneyWorks databases.

Alternatively, subscribe to MoneyWorks Now, the MoneyWorks cloud accounting solution, which offers simultaneous access for multiple users and complete integration with your existing desktop services.


Can I use MoneyWorks from home or while I’m away travelling?

MoneyWorks Now is a subscription service based on the number of active users, and allows you to work from home, or while you are travelling. 

Contact us for more information.

Where can I get help setting up MoneyWorks, and training?

Contact us, this is our specialty!