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Custom Solutions    
Custom Solutions

Gain a strategic advantage over your competitors with a custom software solution.


Every organisation is different, even within the same industry. Sometimes you just can't find software that suits the way you operate; that's where custom software development comes to the fore.

There's little point in persisting with low cost software packages if they don't do what your organisation needs.  Also, there's a strategic advantage - nobody else can enjoy the benefits of your custom solution.

Many of our customers find that our Job Tracking software is a good starting point for their organisation, which we then customise to meet their specific requirements.

Our custom solutions can integrate with a wide range of other systems, including accounting software, websites, and existing databases.

We specialise in FileMaker Pro database software development for Windows or Mac platforms.

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"We are very pleased with the new system MacBusiness Software developed to replace our old one. Staff are finding it much faster and easier to use, and the implementation went much more smoothly than we have experienced in the past."

Mark Dore, Dunedin Housing Maintenance Contractors

"The team at MacBusiness have a vast breadth of knowledge and practical experience. They are able to come up with practical solutions and have provided excellent ongoing support to our business."

Michael Lacey, Dezignatek

"I can confidently recommend MacBusiness as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field."

Kerry McBreen, Garra International