Job Tracking Frequently Asked Questions

How do I launch Job Tracking?

Once you have downloaded MacBusiness Job Tracking, look in the MacBusiness Job Tracking folder for an application called MacBusiness Job Tracking and double-click it.

Where can I get help for Job Tracking?

You can get help for Job Tracking from several places

 a) An easy to read User Guide from the Help menu bar across the top of the screen, or via the Admin menu, choose User Guide in the Setup section.

b) Tool tips, i.e. hover your mouse pointer over a button or feature for a second and a brief explanatory note should appear

c) This FAQ section

d) Contact us; we love to talk about our software. Note: our normal support charges apply.


How do we integrate Job Tracking with our MoneyWorks accounting software?

Integration of your Job Tracking software to MoneyWorks accounting software is easy, because this is something that we will take care of for you. 

We install and configure an additional software item - a “plug-in” to your Job Tracking software. This enables Job Tracking to write invoices directly into your MoneyWorks accounts.

To prepare your sales and purchase invoices for transfer to MoneyWorks make the following checks:

1. You are able to open your MoneyWorks accounts on the same computer that you use to access Job Tracking, i.e. that you can open them both on the same machine.

2. Cost and Sale account codes in your products list are all valid general ledger codes in your MoneyWorks accounts.

3. If you are importing product type invoices, i.e. using product codes on the line items rather than general ledger codes, check the product codes exist in MoneyWorks.

MoneyWorks will reject any invoices that don’t meet the above requirements.

Once your software has been configured for integration, and your data is ready to be transferred, simply choose the Post function in Job Tracking to push your sale or purchase invoices directly into MoneyWorks!

You an also push customer and supplier details, and product details across to MoneyWorks just as easily.

Note: there is an additional charge for configuring your software for this purpose. Call for current pricing.

How do I set up new users, or change their access privileges?

Click the Admin button on the main menu or select Admin from the Go To… menu, choose Setup, Users.

• To create a new user, click on the “+” sign in the top right hand corner, enter a unique user name, enter a password for that user, and enter it again in the Confirm Password field.  Click OK.

• To change a user’s access privileges, click on that user’s name on the left hand side of the screen, and click the checkbox on or off for the function you wish to grant or deny access to. There are two levels of access for some features, Full or Restricted. See the Job Tracking User Guide for a detailed explanation of the access restrictions.

• To modify an existing user’s password, click on that user’s name on the left hand side of the screen, and click on the Set Password button.  Enter a new password, and enter it again in the confirm password field.  Click OK.



How do I enter Timesheets for another person?

Click the Timesheet button on the main menu or select Timesheet from the Go To.. menu to display the Timesheet entry screen.

The timesheet displayed will default to the current user’s own timesheet, for the current date. The current user is determined by the logon used to access Job Tracking.

Full access users can look at another staff member’s timesheet, however Restricted access users can only view their own timesheets. To display another staff member’s timesheet, click into the Resource field and select a person from the drop-down list (values for this pop-up list are defined on the Settings: Menus screen).

To change the date of the Timesheet being displayed, click into the Date field and select the desired date from the pop-up calendar.

If the timesheet currently being viewed does not belong to the current user, or is not for the current date, the name and date at the top of the screen will display in red.

Tip: Use the < > buttons on the Timesheet Entry screen to display the timesheets belonging to the same person for a different day.

Do I need to take backups of our Job Tracking software?

As with any computerised data, it is essential that you make regular back-ups of your Job Tracking files. This is to safeguard against losing your important data in the event of computer failure, theft, or physical damage.

If you have the single-user version of Job Tracking you must back-up the entire MacBusiness Job Tracking folder. That is - the folder that contains the MacBusiness Job Tracking application and all associated files.

Always Exit from MacBusiness Job Tracking before making backups. This ensures that all your current data is saved to disk before the files are copied.

If you have the multi-user version of Job Tracking, automated back-ups will be set up for you during the installation process.