Job Tracking specs


MacBusiness Job Tracking

Simple, clean interface  
Starter pack - 5 users  
iPad access (full functionality)  
iPhone access (limited functionality)  
Quotes - multiple letter formats  
Quotes - customisable, send via email  
Quotes - generate tasks when creating a job  
Quotes - templates for common proposals  
Quotes - store documents, images, correspondence  
Jobs - realtime update from timesheets, purchase orders, invoices  
Jobs - easily compare costs, charge, profit, invoiced, quoted amount  
Jobs - non-financial view for staff  
Jobs - 8 ways to generate invoices from jobs  
Jobs - supports progress payments  
Jobs - store documents, images, correspondence  
Invoices - bulk invoicing function  
Invoices - adjust invoice independently of job  
Invoices - easily compare with job and quote  
Invoices - customisable, send via email  
Invoices - export to accounting software  
Contacts - view all related jobs, quotes, invoices, POs, tasks, time  
Contacts - unlimited staff details per organisation  
Contacts - display website, map location  
Contacts - rate prospects, record contact, set reminders  
Contacts - built-in mailmerge feature  
Contacts - export contact details to accounting software  
Tasks - option to integrate with Google Calendar  
Tasks - todo lists for each person/resource  
Tasks - week-at-a-time diary view  
Tasks - single click to generate timesheet/job entry  
Timesheets - web access option  
Timesheets - every entry linked to a job  
Timesheets - stopwatch feature  
Timesheets - enter time and materials usage  
Purchase Orders - every item linked to a job  
Purchase Orders - customisable, send via email  
Purchase Orders - Export to accounting software as supplier invoice  
Inventory - rolling average cost valuation  
Inventory - valuation, movements, and re-order reports  
Reporting - comprehensive reporting at all levels  
Plug-In architecture - add custom databases, tightly integrated  
Customisable - the entire system can be customised to your requirements  
Mac OS System requirements: Mac OS 10.13 or later  
Windows System requirements: Windows 7 or later  
Purchase Job Tracking Software $1999
Plus Annual licence fee for 5 user system $1320