MacBusiness Payroll - the end of an era

MacBusiness Payroll - the end of an era 13 February 2018

After 20 years of service, we have decided it is time to retire MacBusiness Payroll.

There are major changes coming up next year as a result of Inland Revenue’s Business Transformation Project. Faced with a hefty software development cost versus the number of customers using MacBusiness Payroll, sadly it is no longer economic to continue. 
If tax legislation currently before parliament is passed in March this year (as expected) MacBusiness Payroll will cease to be compliant from 1 April 2019. 

Our payroll will continue to be compliant right up until the end of March 2019. However, it will not be updated and therefore is unlikely to meet the requirements of the new legislation after that date.    

MacBusiness Software Limited will continue to operate without MacBusiness Payroll, but focussed more on custom database development. 

We will continue to communicate with you and support Payroll for the duration, and thank you for being loyal payroll customers throughout the years.  We have enjoyed our contact with you, and wish you great success in the future.